Posted by: learningis4ever | March 28, 2008

Fundraising efforts

I last wrote about the adoption when I mentioned the cost of our adoption.  This weekend, we will begin our fundraising efforts.  Jim has discovered the art of “pen turning.”  This means he is enjoying hand-crafting pen and pencil sets.  My dear daughter and I have been busily beading some necklaces and bracelets.  We will be selling these items at our homeschool conference craft fair this weekend.

In addition, we will soon be creating a website to sell these items as well to raise funds to bring Jephte home.  

I received a letter from Jephte a couple weeks ago.  A friend went down to visit the HFC kids and brought letters from him to all of us.  It’s great to have communication with him.  He spells his name Jefthe, but his birth certificate spells it, Jephte.  I had told him I would be spelling his name correctly so that it would not interfere with his adoption.  He said that would be okay, but that he had been experimenting with how to spell it for several years and decided he liked Jefthe best.  LOL!

My dearest daughter would love to just change her name.  Perhaps she should have been born in Haiti!



  1. Names are a fun part of life. You make and choose how important they are to you. Like watching that British comedy, “Keeping Up Appearances.” If she doesn’t like her name now, she can always figure out a way to have a cool nickname.

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